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Known as Dulces Enchilados in Mexico. It’s basically popular gummies and candies drenched in Chamoy (Apricot, Prune, Hibiscus & Tamarind based sauce) & Tajin (Dehydrated chilli lime & salt) = highly addictive flavour!!

We advertise our changing menus on Instagram and WhatsApp a week before the Friday pop up. Pre-orders must be placed to the WhatsApp number provided, by Thursday evening. Collection and payment takes occurs between 17h00 – 20h00 on the Friday (date communicated)

Our Chilli crisp is made with 23 perfectly blended ingredients . This Chilli oil condiment offers Umami , heat & depth of flavour . Perfect on Noodles , Eggs , Smashed Avocado , Pizza  , Burgers  … EVERYTHING ! Our baby onions & garlic flakes are fried till extra crispy to give our Chilli oil it’s signature texture . Be warned – Chilli crisp with give the rest of your hot sauces an inferiority complex !

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